R Kelly Choked Me And Forced Me To Have An Abortion”- Singer’s Girlfriend Reveals

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For the first time since singer R Kelly got locked up on eighteen charges of sexual assault and child pornography, one of his live-in girlfriends Joycelyn Savage has opened up on years of abuse she suffered while being with the embattled R&B musician.

Savage had previously denied all wrongdoing on Kelly’s part and had described her parents’ allegations as lies. She has also defended him in an interview where R Kelly broke down in tears.

However, the 24 year old is now backtracking on her defence and revealing that in fact, she was abused by Kelly who she now descibes as a “monster”.

On a blog where readers have to pay, she says that she was locked in the house and now allowed to go out- as first alleged by her parents in 2016.

“I realized I was pregnant by this monster,” Savage detailed.

“Eventually, I ended up getting an abortion I was forced to get the surgery done at his house.”

She also details disturbing details of physical abuse, explaining that she was once choked by Kelly until she blacked out after failing to call him his preferred titles of “Daddy” or “Master.”

Joycelyn Savage also claims that she and other women were urinated on frequently by Kelly and that she was treated as a “punching bag” for much of the  relationship.

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