The baby found

New Born Baby Found Dangling On a Fence At The Fed Poly Offa

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A large crowed was pulled to the scene on Friday night after the unforseen happened

The baby found

The students of Federal Polytechnic Off a, who aren’t staying in the school hostel suddenly found a very horrible scene of a new born baby still with the placenta was seen tingling on a fence between their compound and an empty land opposite to them

A student that was interviewed revealed that the baby’s mother who’s a student of the school and an undergraduate carried the baby to her boyfriend’s house where they bargained to throw the baby away and eventually picked to throw the new baby over the fence and in their miscalculations they got the baby hanging in the fence.

The baby’s cry was heard by nearby students who rescued her and brought her to a hospital known to be Cukwunoso Hospital by the entry of the school.

Prior investigations made, it was seen that the child’s father is also a student of Public Administration HND 1 in the school who bargained with his roommate to allow his gf come in with the baby and on this note, he excused them.

When the NPF was called, the culprits were on run and wasn’t apprehended. The roommate to the father has been arrested and currently detained.

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