Having More Sex is the Best Medicine to Prevent Risks of Heart Disease, Science Reveal

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According to a study, having sex boosts people’s immune system, protects from cancer.

Relieves distress, improves the mood and helps them to sleep better, this was after the researchers understood the relationship of sexual activity to cardiovascular health.

Researchers observed 1,165 men, at the age between 40 to 70, for 16 years in order to finally understand how do sexual activities affect the health of a person overall.

The research discovered that the men who frequently engaged in sex had the lowest risk of having cardiovascular diseases.

Those who have sex 2 to 3 times per week were found to be 45% less likely to have heart problems than those who at seldom activity.

They found out that having more sex also protects people from heart attacks and keeps you ticker in tip-top shape, so clearly, considering this, sex truly is truly a win-win activity and is definitely nature’s best medicine for possible risks.

The study focused on the overall health, blood pressure, and whether the men were smokers or not were taken into consideration, and at the end, the results still proved that sex alone is a big factor, powerful enough to reduce the risk of heart disease.

“There seems to be something unique about sexual activity when it comes to heart health,”
Sex researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller said.

Lehmiller believed that sex is a form of exercise making it the reason why it is good for the health.

And more importantly, a stress reliever which is a very good thing to consider for the cardiovascular health.

Additionally, according to a separate study conducted at Princeton University, they found out that having sex every day resulted to growth of a cell in the hippocampus, an area of your brain responsible in part for keeping stress levels in check, which means you’ll feel less stressed out.

Furthermore, another group of researchers discovered in their study that people who had sex daily for just two weeks had lower blood pressure than those who were chaste.

And lower blood pressure resulted to a lower risk of heart disease.

Fact: Sex position, duration don’t determine child’s gender — Expert

Considering the study, you should prepare yourself now for an intimate love and live free from heart diseases.

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