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8 businesses you can do with zero capital, best for a graduate, after NYSC

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Growing from cradle till now under the tutelage of your parent and being dependent on them, mostly these does not afford young adults the accurate sense of responsibility that comes with adulthood.

With almost all your life spent trying to badge a degree, which is a good venture, except that the Nigeria system does not have the capacity to soak in all graduates of all institution after their service to the country in a decent well paying job.

The frustration that comes with not being able to secure a decent Job can be very wearisome.

Against popular opinion, you can salvage yourself from poverty and the no job syndrome, ravaging the Nigeria society by doing business.

While startup capital might be the fear for thinking of venturing into a trade, below is a list of businesses that you can start with zero capital. Yes, zero capital.

1. Home Lesson Tutor / Daily Coaching 

Home Tutor

Students always require tutoring for WAEC, JAMB, NECO, GCE, and other external exams to make good grades. As a graduate, you must have expertise in one or more subjects, ranging from Mathematics, English-Language or Biology, etc. In your environment, there would be students who are offering this examination that may need your expertise on these subjects.

Talk to the parents of these students. You can charge as much as N1000/hour for a student, with many students, you are sure to, maybe not make a fortune but something good enough to pay your bills.

2. Baby Sitting (Nanny) 

Baby Sitting

We now live in a society that most mothers work a 9-5 white collar job to make ends meet. If you are good with children, this may be a very good venture for you. Speak to the parents that you noticed around you, in your church, mosque, streets. Charge a reasonable price and negotiate maybe a daily or monthly payment method.

With that, you are both gaining experience and getting some cool bucks.

Another benefit is that you get to work at your own convenience that affords you the privilege to do some other things along this line, maybe an online course, or a project that does not require your physical presence.

3. Website/ Blog site Design & Development 

Web design & development

Daily chunks of websites and blog sites are loaded on the internet, with below par quality designs.

Get a free course from  W3Schools, Coursera, or Alison, with it, you can fast become a pro, that you can almost begin building a great website or blog site like ours (Hexemty)  for yourself.

More so, you can as well build a great website and manage it using  Content Management System (CMS) , such as; WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, wix readily come with themes that you can copy and personalised.

4. Social Media Accounts And Blogs Management, for Individuals or Companies

Blog Management

Some companies do not have the finance to hire a social media manager or use a digital marketing software. If you’re social media savvy, this is for you.

To emerge in this position, all that is needed is that you love social media, know how to create a brand on the internet, then be ready to learn new things.

5. Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

24 hours seems unevenly distributed as some people are starved of time, while some are just lazy to shop for the items they need.

If you’re shopping savvy and you have a good wit for negotiation, able to purchase items for far less price than the amount required, then you might want to consider helping some folks get their shopping done.

Simple, get their shopping requests, go shop for them, get paid for your time, sound judgement and great deals.

6. Freelance Writing

Freelance writer

Book lovers, this is for you. If you have the wits, passion and talent in conveying thoughts on paper, you are ready to make money.

Thousands of online sites are requiring the service of content writers, who need writers to constantly help them put up content on their website or blog site.

Fiverr , Upwork and other writing platforms usually request the service of content creators that can help them serve their customers better.

To get started, just have a good knowledge of what you are writing, then a good command of English and you are on your way to making yourself some very cool cash.

You can charge as much as $10 equivalent to N3,600 per article.

7. Freelance Graphic design

Graphics design

Designers with sense of creativity is definitely going to make it out of this. If you’re skilled and well versed  in designing. You can design flyers, brand Logo for churches, companies and NGOs.

Fiverr , Upwork and other Freelancer platforms usually request the service of graphics designers that can give them unique designs to serve their customers better.


8. Digital marketing/ Promotion

Digital marketing

If you have up to 3000 Facebook friends, 5000 twitter followers and 400 WhatsApp active contact, then you can help promote businesses and events. It is called advertising, you can charge N500 per post. If you’re doing 10 posts in a day, that’s N5000.

Don’t join the bandwagon of frustrated fellows all in the name of seeking for a job, allow your mind to be opened to opportunity, you can live the life of your dream without scrounging for a white collar, 9-5 jobs.

Take chances, maximize that which your hands can find doing and keep soaring.

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