COVID-19 Guide: South Korea’s strategies that helps reduce the spread of deadly disease

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Slowing the spread of the disease depended not just on carrying out many tests, we need a comprehensive strategy to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

As instructed by the health experts, what should follow a positive result is to isolate  the infected  person(s) and quarantine their contacts. Yet these two are essential steps, but other measures not limited to the aforementioned steps should take place to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

In this crisis, the primary purpose of testing is not self awareness; it is part of the measures to control disease. Reducing the chance that the virus jumps from one person to another requires linking a diagnosis to a key set of preventive actions.

South Korea’s success in slowing the spread of the disease depended not just on doing many tests, but also on its comprehensive approach to following them up.

When a person tests positive there, health workers track their exposures at work, at home and in public, down to where they ate out for breakfast. Taiwan launched a toll-free number for citizens to arrange testing, isolation and quarantine if needed, health checks, the delivery of food and the setting up of other resources.

If every other nation or country at large can adopt to these strategies, the world as a whole could have minimal number of case(s), and successful slowing down the spread of the novel Coronavirus  pandemic.


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